Grandma's Cookies, Cakes, Pies and Sweets

Grandma's Cookies, Cakes, Pies and Sweets

Treats, old and new!
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Treats, old and new!

Delicious desserts, simply made with tasty ingredients, many of us remember fondly from our youth. Our mothers and grandmothers baked cookies, pies, cakes and desserts using recipes passed down through generations. Some lucky cooks have treasured heirloom recipes, preserved and handed down to them, but many have been lost or forgotten along the way.

Among the recipes in this book are a few traditional classics that remain favourites — like blueberry grunt and Scottish shortbread. But most of these recipes are almost forgotten, yet they offer tempting and delicious ideas that home cooks will want to try. Recipes like old-fashioned molasses candy, sweet black cherry pudding and Acadian lemon buttermilk pie.

Now all these delicious dishes are ready for revival. They will bring back many happy memories of treats from the past that taste as good as they always did — or better!

Alice Burdick (CA)
ALICE BURDICK is a poet and co-owner of an independent bookstore, Lexicon Books, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. She lives with her family in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.
Page length 128
Publication date (yyyymmmdd) 20200720
Publisher Formac
ISBN: 9781459506398