Escape to Reality

Escape to Reality

Why do we garden? Why should we? How is gardening changing the world?
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Why do we garden? Why should we? How is gardening changing the world?

These are just some of the philosophical gardening questions pondered in this heartfelt and gorgeously designed book. An informed and personal reflection on gardening in Canada from the country's preeminent horticultural expert, Escape to Reality goes beyond the hows that are the focus of most gardening books and explores the whys. In short, narrative essays, topics range from garden and nature as therapy to who we are as gardeners and what life values we gain through the experience of gardening. It also includes some practical tips for cultivating and coexisting with your garden. Co-written with son, Ben Cullen, bestselling author and horticultural consultant Mark Cullen's newest book is sure to find a home on the shelves of mindful gardeners across the country, and beyond. Proceeds benefit the Highway of Heroes. Includes original illustrations.

Mark Cullen (CA)
Mark Cullen is the president of Mark's Choice Ltd., a horticultural communications and marketing agency. He is also the spokesperson and horticultural consultant to Home Hardware Canada and spokesperson for Premiertech Home and Garden. Member, Order of Canada, and a volunteer spokesperson for SHARE Agricultural Foundation, Canada Blooms, and founding chair of Highway of Heroes Living Tribute (with a goal of planting 117,000 trees on the Highway of Heroes to honour Canada's fallen). As a garden communicator, Mark reaches over 2 million Canadians every week, with a familiar and recognizable style, delivering a message that is compelling, fun, informative, inspirational, and based on sustainable gardening. A bestselling author of over 500,000 books in Canada, Mark has written over 20 books, including his most recent, The New Canadian Garden. Visit
Page length 168
Publication date (yyyymmmdd) 20181113
Publisher Nimbus Publishing
ISBN: 9781771086936