Abraham Bevereley Walker: Lawyer, Lecturer, Activist

Abraham Bevereley Walker: Lawyer, Lecturer, Activist

New World Publishing
Experience the life and times of Canada’s FIRST black attorney and magazine editor and pre-eminent advocate for civil rights, campaigning tirelessly for fair play/justice for his people and battling 19th Century systemic racism. A true warrior! His family were Black loyalists who had supported the British, so were granted land in the KARS peninsula along the St John River. A bright student, who at age 17 enrolled in George Washington University (DC) when that prestigious institution was the first to admit blacks (1871- only six years after the US Civil War ended), studied philosophy, languages and law. Walker spoke at least some eight distinct languages including those of Europe, Africa and Asia. James Garfield, later president of the USA and professor at GWU, stated Walker was one of the most brilliant students he ever taught,
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