Une journee poney! Pemkiskahk'ciw ahahsis!

Une journee poney! Pemkiskahk'ciw ahahsis!

By Hélène deVarennes (CA)

Publisher: Bouton D'or Acadie


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Joséphine looks at her grandfather and wonders whether he's serious. After all, he loves to joke around! A pony has neither a steering wheel to drive it, nor seat to sit in... how will she ever stay on a pony and guide it to the pond?

The famous Wabanaki collection is evolving! Consisting of six trilingual traditional tales from the First Nations of Eastern Canada, the Wabanaki collection now includes a first publication in the language of the Wolastoqiyik. Anchored in the present, reflecting the daily realities of modern families, the work is in keeping with the renewal of relationships between Native and non-native communities, to which Bouton d'or Acadie is proud to contribute.

About the Author: Hélène deVarennes is one of the redactors of the Public Policy of linguistic and cultural planning of New Brunswick. Thanks to that, she is aware of how stories shape the cultural identity of children. As an educator and an author, she creates pedagogical resources for early childhood development and First Nations. She published the album Le chandail de Chéticamp in 2016.

Language: fre

56 pages

Publication Date: 20181030

  • Summer Reads 2019