The Way We Hold On

The Way We Hold On

By Abena Beloved Green (CA)

Publisher: Pottersfield Press


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The Way We Hold On is Abena Beloved Green's debut book of poetry. Her poems address cultural, social, and environmental issues, relationships, and reflect on everyday life as a small-town raised, semi-nomadic, first-generation Canadian. Here are poems about holding on and letting go—of ideas, opinions, beliefs, people, places, and things.
About the Author: Abena Beloved Green (aka Roots 'n' Rhythm) is a 2017 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam finalist. She is the 2016 poetry prize winner of the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia's Atlantic Writing Competition (now Nova Writes). Abena is a two-time Halifax Slam team member (2011 and 2016) and released her debut spoken word album Beloved in 2014.

Language: eng

86 pages

Publication Date: 20180309

  • Atlantic Books in Schools
  • English Language Arts
  • Grade Range: 10-12
  • NSSBB Authorized Learning Resource