Midnight Marauders

By Geraldine Tuck (CA)

Publisher: Four East Publishing


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This 1931 adventure highlights rum runners along Nova Scotia's south shore. When eleven-year-old Dan Veinottboards the Martha Rae, he discovers that the town peddler, Corker, is smuggling rum. But he can't tell his father because he owes Corker his life. Join Dan and his friend Becky as they try to foil Percy Brown's illegal business. For things to change on the baseball lot, they must also face the town bully. First published in1991, Midnight Marauders was selected as an Our Choice book by the Canadian Children's Book Centre.
About the Author: Geraldine Tuck was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia. After years of travelling across Canada with her parents, the family settled on Nova Scotia's South Shore. Geraldine raised her family in Lunenburg County. She is busy completing her Marauder Mystery Series. She particularly enjoys reading about the 1930s, an ideal background for Dan and Becky to stumble into and solve one mystery after the other.

Language: eng

124 pages

Publication Date: 20151001

  • Atlantic Books in Schools
  • English Language Arts
  • Grade Range: P/M-6
  • NSSBB Authorized Learning Resource