Illustrated History of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island

Illustrated History of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island

By Georges Arsenault (CA)

Publisher: Acorn Press


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Written for the general reader, this book by Georges Arsenault provides an overview of the three hundred years of French and Acadian presence on Prince Edward Island. The author describes the first settlements established on the Island by France, the deportation of the Acadian inhabitants in 1758, and their resettlement on the Island. He also looks at the evolution of the economy, the role of the Catholic Church, French-language education, and the struggles to ensure a vibrant French culture in the Acadian communities throughout the Island.
About the Author: Georges Arsenault can trace his family tree back to the first Acadians who settled on Prince Edward Island in 1720. Born in Abram-Village in the Evangeline Region, he has been doing research for many years on the history and traditions of Island Acadians and has numerous publications to his name. He is a member of the Order of Canada and of the Order of Prince Edward Island, and is president of the Sister Antoinette DesRoches Historical Committee.

Language: eng

120 pages

Publication Date: 20190625

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