Saku's Great Newfoundland Adventure

Saku's Great Newfoundland Adventure

By Corey Majeau (CA)

Publisher: Flanker Press


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Saku, a black Cape Shore dog, is still young but is skilled and strong with a lot of exploring to do. Watching him bound around the backcountry or swimming behind Justin Barbour's raft, you just know that he is ready to go on a very long adventure! Best of all, he carries a famous name, that of Saku Koivu, the long-ago captain of the Montreal Canadiens. Together with his owner, Justin, Saku is going to cross from Robinsons in western Newfoundland to Cape Broyle, where the province's eastern shores meet the Atlantic Ocean! Using a satellite phone, they inform everyone how they are doing as the months speed by. What will the two friends find as they travel through dense bush, cross icy rivers, shoot rapids, and catch trout for fresh food? Travelling with Saku and Justin, young readers will also learn how to start a campfire, make a warm bed of boughs for chilly nights, and to live as friends with nature. After a snowy spring start, the two pals can soon travel faster and make new friends as they emerge from the wilderness in the little towns of St. Alban's and Conne River. Excited children, townspeople, Chief Mi'sel Joe, and his family all welcome them warmly and offer a break from their long, hard journey. Saku's personal pack is soon filled with new kibble, Justin is relaxed and happy, and the pair continue eastward. Even Bear, Saku's doggy friend who remains at home, can hear Saku's excited bark when Justin and his girlfriend chat together on the phone. Finally, they near Cape Broyle. Saku and Justin can't believe the welcoming party gathered near the beach. A cheer goes up, they are home again with many ad adventure to share!
About the Author:

Language: eng

44 pages

Publication Date: 20190911

  • ABT #90
  • Recent Bestsellers 2020