Streetcars of St. John's

Streetcars of St. John's

By Kenneth G. Pieroway (CA)

Publisher: Flanker Press


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Streetcars of St. John’s is a photographic “then and now” celebration of the former St. John’s Street Railway on the 60th anniversary of its closing.

For the first half of the twentieth century, the most easterly city in North America had a public transportation system that was on par with those found in Toronto, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. From 1900 to 1948, the streetcars of the Reid Newfoundland Company and, later, Newfoundland Light and Power, travelled along narrow-gauge rails on some of the oldest streets to be found anywhere. From the famous cobblestones of Water Street to Duckworth Street, Military and Queens Road, and powered by electricity from nearby Petty Harbour, residents could avail of the most modern form of inner-city transport of the day.

The reader is taken on a trip back in time to the St. John’s of not quite so long ago when the roads were shared with automobiles, horse and buggies, and the famous trolley cars. From the crossroads in the west end to the shops of Water Street, the steps of the Newfoundland Hotel and the ice cream parlours of Rawlins Cross, this visual journey around the city is simply breathtaking and bound to rekindle memories for many readers. For the younger generations, it will be an opportunity to see how life used to be and how St. John’s looked in their parents’ and grandparents’ day.

The black and white photographs supplied by The Rooms, the City of St. John’s, Memorial University, Newfoundland Power, and others are contrasted with modern-day colour retakes by the author of the same scene as it now exists. When compared side by side, it is fascinating to see just how much St. John’s has changed in the past hundred years and yet, in so many ways, remained the same.
About the Author: Kenneth G. Pieroway was born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, and grew up in Colinet and Harricott. He obtained his Bachelor of Social Work from Memorial University and has spent a full and rewarding career with Veterans Affairs Canada. His passion for trains and all things rail-related was introduced to him by his father at a very young age, and he still rides and photographs them at every opportunity. In 2013, Kenneth authored the national award–winning Rails Across the Rock, which was followed up by its sequel, Rails Around the Rock, a year later. Streetcars of St. John’s is his third book on Newfoundland’s transportation history. It was inspired by his mother’s tales of the St. John’s streetcars and from riding streetcars himself throughout North America and Europe. The proud father of two, Kenneth now resides in Conception Bay South with his wife of thirty years, Michelle.

Language: eng

130 pages

Publication Date: 20180919

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