Cooper Clark & the Dragon Lady

Cooper Clark & the Dragon Lady

By Valerie Sherrard (CA)

Publisher: Fitzhenry and Whiteside


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This delightful chapter book introduces young readers to Cooper Clark, whose world takes an alarming turn when his regular babysitter gets a new job. Arrangements are then made for Cooper to spend his after—school hours with old Mrs. Mulligan?a plan he does not care for one bit! Everyone knows that Mrs. Mulligan has a real live dragon in her basement and although he has kept his fears secret, Cooper is very afraid of dragons. In order to avoid Mrs. Mulligan's dreadful pet, Cooper comes up with one zany plan after another. It isn't until he runs out of ideas that Cooper makes a most important discovery.
Filled with fun and very real emotion, Cooper Clark is sure to steal readers' hearts.

About the Author:

Language: eng

144 pages

Publication Date: 20191015

  • ABT #90