Two Strikes

Two Strikes

By Johnny Boateng (CA)

Publisher: Lorimer


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KaLeah has just moved from Halifax to the small town of Trail, B.C. KaLeah's a natural at baseball, and it's what she loves to do most. But she is excluded and bullied by Nikki and her clique, the popular Valley Girls, because she is black and because she is better at softball than Nikki. She decides she wants to play baseball with the Trail Boys, the best players her age. Except it's an all-boys baseball team. But first KaLeah has to prove herself to the boys and the parents who don't want her to upstage their kids.

About the Author:

As a boy of African heritage growing up in Trail, B.C., JOHNNY BOATENG learned all about sports and ambition. He played division basketball in Indiana and at Simon Fraser University. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., where he founded The Dream Hoops Basketball Academy and serves as a mentor for disadvantaged youth. He is the author of the award-winning sports novel Hustle. This is his second book.

Language: eng

136 pages

Publication Date: 20160822

  • Atlantic Books in Schools
  • English Language Arts
  • Grade Range: 7-9
  • NSSBB Authorized Learning Resource