Follow the Goose Butt to Nova Scotia

Follow the Goose Butt to Nova Scotia

By Odette Barr (CA)

Publisher: Chocolate River Publishing


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Camelia, the Canada goose with the faulty GPS (Goose Positioning System) is on the move again. This time she travels throughout the province of Nova Scotia with her eccentric Aunt, a photojournalist with the CGBC (Canada Goose Broadcasting Corporation).

While Aunt Tillie gathers stories of interest, Camelia meets many new friends including Spike the Cape D'Or porcupine, Piper the spring peeper from Kejimkujik, Larry the leatherback turtle, Cindy Crowsby the famous hockey player, and Willow the bookworm donkey. A host of other colourful characters entertain them and offer maritime hospitality.

As usual, Camelia gets distracted and lost several times. She is stranded on a beach with a Digby scallop; accidently whisked away to Sable Island on the famous Bluenose schooner; and worst of all, Camelia is lost in a pea soup fog on the Northumberland Strait and wonders if she'll ever find her favourite Aunt again. Camelia must summon all her courage and wits to find her way. Can she do it?

The humour in the first book in the series Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart! appeals to children in elementary and early junior high school. The prequel picture book Take off to Tantramar won the Alice Kitts Memorial Award for Excellence in Children's Writing.

About the Author:

Odette Barr (author/illustrator) is a teacher in New Brunswick's Anglophone School District-East.

Odette has illustrated a number of nature-themed guidebooks for Fundy National Park. Her passion and inspiration for her writing and art comes from her love of nature and the environment. She worked for many years as an interpretive naturalist for Environment Canada before turning to teaching in the traditional indoor classroom. Odette spent 10 years teaching Inuit students in Nunavut.

Language: eng

80 pages

Publication Date: 20180918

  • Summer Reads 2019