Return Policy

When you order books from, we will arrange to have the book shipped to you from the publisher. If you have multiple books in your order, please be aware that the books may be coming from different publishers

If your book is delivered damaged, corrupt or is not delivered, please contact the publisher from the list below to arrange for replacement or refund. If your magazine subscription is delivered damaged, corrupt or is not delivered, please contact to arrange for replacement or refund. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at or (902) 420-0711

Contact information for publishers shipping books:

Acorn Press, Bradan Press, Fernwood Publishing, Island Studies Press, MacIntyre Purcell Publishing, Nimbus Publishing, Pottersfield Press, Running the Goat, and SSP Publications are distributed by Nimbus Publishing (NS):


Boularderie Island Press (NS): contact form

Boulder Books (NL):, contact form

Bouton d'or Acadie (NB):, contact info

Breakwater Books (NL):, contact info

Breton Books (NS):, contact form

Chocolate River Publishing (NB):, contact info

Curriculum Plus Publishing (NS):, contact info

Delmore "Buddy" Daye Learning Institute (NS):  contact info

Flanker Press (NS):, contact info

Formac Publishing (NS):, contact info

Goose Lane Editions (NB):, contact form

Invisible Publishing (NS and ON):, contact info

ISER Books:, contact info

Nevermore Publishing:, website

New World Publishing:, contact form 

Pedlar Press:, contact info