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About Atlantic Books

AtlanticBooks.ca is provided by the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association to allow readers to discover books published right here in Atlantic Canada. The content on AtlanticBooks.ca specifically features books from the members of the APMA. Our organization works towards growing and maintaining a strong Canadian-owned book publishing industry here in Atlantic Canada, coordinating promotional projects such as the Atlantic Books Holiday Gift Guide, the Best Atlantic-Published Book Award and Atlantic Books Today magazine. 

About #ReadAtlantic

Atlantic Books is part of the #ReadAtlantic community, which celebrates all Atlantic Canadian authors, bookstores, publishers, libraries, readers, literary festivals, and more. We encourage you to use this hashtag to promote all the ways we can support the local literary landscape in Atlantic Canada, and all books that have a connection to Atlantic Canada!

About Time to #ReadAtlantic

It's a great time to read a local book. The Time to #ReadAtlantic campaign showcases 150+ Atlantic books on this website, and provides readers the tools to discover their next local read while supporting the creators, producers, and providers who take books from writing to retailing. Whether you're looking to sample, borrow, or buy, you'll find what you're looking for in our 13 curated Time to... collections:

Reading Time

Time to... Discover

Time to... Meet

Time to... Laugh

Time to... Escape

Time to.. Be Inspired

Time to.. Lire en Français

Family Time

Time to... Learn

Time to... Read Together

Time to... Read Alone

Activity Time

Time to... Indulge

Time to... Create

Time to... DIY

And when the time is right,

Time to... GET OUT!


You may download material from this website for your personal, noncommercial use. Other than those owned by the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association, the APMA staff is not involved in the production of websites linked to on atlanticbooks.ca and is not responsible for their content.