Quarantine, What is Old is New: Second International Edition

Quarantine, What is Old is New: Second International Edition

New World Publishing
A book for the world today …
Covers quarantine practices and procedures throughout history, not too unlike the self-isolation being practiced within the world today with COVID–19. Describes virulent diseases, quarantine centres, epidemic and pandemic disease and impact on historical immigration. Deals with viral mutation, influenza “drift” and "shift" plus critical viral and bacterial infections and pandemics over the last 200 years on the east coast of North America. Updated in a new postscript are the 10 worst pandemics since 165 AD (the latter in Rome, decimating the Roman army returning home and citizens). Historical aspects show connection to Europe and East Coast American ports via the Canadian Immigration and cargo port of Halifax and its relation to East Coast ports in Canada and the USA. Great index for readily finding specific information…

The second postscript deals with past destructive pandemics and the current COVID–19 pandemic, posted up to March 12 when the book went to print. Demonstrates how quarantine has been used for 2000 years and remains very much the same process today. The archeaological survey included in the first postscript was conducted on Lawlor's island (2011), Canada's main winter quarantine centre for immigration for half of the 19th and 20th centuries, Stories are truly international, albeit the the basic setting was in Halifax Harbour, which was central to the trade and immigration route from England, Spain, France to Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Prophetic sub-title coined by author and medical doctor Ian Cameron over 12 years ago –What is Old is New – refers to both mutant disease and to Quarantine practices used over centuries. A regional best seller from 2007-2009…  this edition is now offered in Canada and USA during the pandemic COVID-19 threat… and as complete as can be given a disease evolving as rapidly as it is reported, written and published.
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