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Nova Graphica

The fiddle-free side of Nova Scotia history
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The fiddle-free side of Nova Scotia history

More than the stereotypes of lobsters and fiddles, Canada's "ocean playground" of Nova Scotia boasts a vibrant history of ghost stories, folklore, industry, politics, and vibrant Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ and immigrant communities. Home or formerly home to some of Canada's biggest names in comics over the past decades, this anthology brings together 15 artists, making Nova Scotia's history come to life through a collection of graphic stories that are spooky, funny and thought-provoking. Nova Scotia and the Maritimes are usually neglected in the study of Canadian history. This anthology will bring offbeat stories from across the province to light in a fun, engaging and irreverent manner. Presenting Nova Scotia history in a graphic format and unique stories that aren't taught in schools, this book will be an approachable, readable collection that appeals to readers of comics and non-fiction alike.

Laura Kenins (CA)
Laura Kenins is the author of the comics Steam Clean (Retrofit) and Alien Beings (ku!), as well as numerous self-published works. Her comics have been published in Carte Blanche, Kuti Kuti, The Rusty Toque, Truthout, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and other publications. Her journalistic work has been published by CBC, Quill & Quire, The Coast, The Telegraph-Journal, This Magazine, and other publications. She has a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and a master's degree in history from Central European University. Having lived in Halifax, Latvia and Hungary, she currently resides in Toronto.
Page length 140
Publication date (yyyymmmdd) 20201005
Publisher Conundrum
ISBN: 9781772620504