The Mystery of the Portuguese Waltzes

The Mystery of the Portuguese Waltzes

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Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US)

Tamara is struggling to find the confidence to play her accordion in front of an audience. She learns the tunes well enough, and can play them when she's alone, but as soon as she tries to perform for others everything falls apart. One day her father encourages her to try playing for an elderly man in the seniors? home where her grandmother lives. This man, Art Stoyles, is a legendary accordion player in her hometown of St. John's, and is best known for a beautiful set of tunes called "The Portuguese Waltzes." Inspired by Stoyles, and by the story of his musical friendship with a Portuguese sea captain, Tamara gains the confidence she needs to perform.
Richard Simas
Richard Simas is a writer with a background in literature, music, and the performing arts. His publications appear in contemporary art and literary reviews in Europe and North America. His first children's book grows out of his on-going work on a set of beautiful tunes from Newfoundland and Labrador that connect to his Portuguese heritage. He lives and works in Montreal.
Page length 40
Publication date (yyyymmmdd) 20191103
Publisher Running the Goat
ISBN: 9781927917251