Anne of Green Gables : The Original Manuscript

Anne of Green Gables : The Original Manuscript

By Lucy Maud Montgomery (CA)

Publisher: Nimbus Publishing


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This fascinating book presents the original text of Montgomery's most famous manuscript, including where the author scribbled notes, made additions and deletions, and other editorial details. L. M. Montgomery scholar Carolyn Strom Collins offers a rare look into Montgomery's creative process, providing a never-before-published version of the worldwide phenomenon.

This book differs from previous versions of Anne in that it provides a transcription of the text and notes from Montgomery's original manuscript, and shows how they were integrated to form the full novel. The culmination of years of research, Anne of Green Gables: the Original Manuscript is a necessary addition to any Montgomery lover's collection. This volume features scans of the first page of each chapter from the original archived document (showing editorial notes in Montgomery's handwriting) and an appendix of rare foreign-language covers.

About the Author: Lucy Maud Motgomery (L. M. Montgomery) was a Canadian author who was best known as the creator of Anne of Green Gables. Before her death, she wrote many novels, essays, poems, and more than 500 short stories.

Language: eng

352 pages

Publication Date: 20190710

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