Adventures in Bubbles and Brine

Adventures in Bubbles and Brine

By Philip Moscovitch (CA)

Publisher: Formac


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There is something seemingly magical about fermentation — microscopic organisms acting on fruits, vegetables and grains and completely transforming their properties. Fermentation produces wonderful flavours, connects us to local producers, is good for our health and is a direct link with local cultures — both the culture steeped in history and tradition, and the microscopic live cultures embedded in our fermented foods.

Philip Moscovitch travelled Nova Scotia to discover today's practitioners of the art of food fermentation. He found traditional sauerkraut makers still at work on Tancook Island and cider makers working with old techniques and 100-year-old apple varieties. But he also found dozens of newly-established breweries and wineries, sausage makers bringing French traditions to the province, and cheese makers creating innovative and unique local cheeses. He offers sample recipes featuring local ingredients to allow for experimenting in the kitchen with products that are not all that complicated to make, and which lend themselves to endless variations.

This book introduces the new wave of fermenters in Nova Scotia who are creating delicious products using local ingredients, and encourages readers to try fermentation for themselves.

About the Author: PHILIP MOSCOVITCH is a freelance writer, editor and broadcaster with a passion for telling stories and helping people and organizations communicate. He writes for adults on a wide range of topics including mental health, sports, agriculture, food, politics, technology and the arts. For fourteen years, Philip wrote the beloved "Daisy Dreamer" comic for Chickadee magazine. He is a regular contributor to Saltscapes, writing an oral history column for the older residents of Atlantic Canada, and contributes frequently to Halifax Magazine. His writing has also appeared in Reader's Digest, The Walrus and The Globe and Mail, and several of his radio documentaries have aired nationally on CBC Radio. He lives near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Language: eng

208 pages

Publication Date: 20191004

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