Voices: Featuring Up Home by Shauntay Grant

Voices: Featuring Up Home by Shauntay Grant

When it comes to the much needed integration and representation of black voices in the literary world and beyond, so much importance is placed on young readers. The books we read as children, and the books we read to our children are books that live with us the rest of our lives. Which is why many of the titles in the #ReadAtlantic Voices collection are books for children.

Shauntay Grant's Up Home (Nimbus Publishing) illustrated by award-winning artist Susan Tooke, takes young readers (and the adults who read to them) on a journey through the writer's childhood in North Preston, NS. On the waves of rhythmic verse, Grant carries readers into a world lush with sight, sound and emotion. With illustrations as joyful and exuberant as its words, Up Home deserves a place on every child's book shelf. 

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