#ReadAtlantic eBooks at Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries

#ReadAtlantic eBooks at Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries

For each book on AtlanticBooks.ca, you'll see the options to sample, borrow, or buy. Today, we're highlighting the borrow option and the excellent offerings of local eBooks from Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries.

When you use the "Locate Me" button on our site, you'll always see links to borrow from your nearest library's digital collection on our book pages. Click on the book covers below to borrow from NL Libraries, or you can browse their full #ReadAtlantic collection, with even more books from our campaign, here!

A Roll of the Bones

Available for all of July with no holds or waitlists! Unlimited downloads of this eBook for all NL library users this month.

In 1610, John Guy established a small colony in Cupids, Newfoundland, on the very edge of a world unknown to Europeans. Two years later, he brought a shipment of supplies to his all-male settlement: 70 goats, 10 heifers, 2 bulls, and 16 women. A Roll of the Bones tells the story of some of these nameless women by tracing the journeys of three young people—Ned Perry, Nancy Ellis, and Kathryn Gale—who leave Bristol, England, for a life in the struggling community. A vivid reimagining of settler life in the early seventeenth century, A Roll of the Bones is the first in a trilogy of novels wrestling with the realities of colonization. Here, Trudy J. Morgan-Cole presents an array of unforgettable characters inhabiting the space where two worlds will collide, where the limits of love and loyalty will be tried in a harsh and unforgiving landscape. 

The Flanker Dictionary of Newfoundland English

A book for those who come from away and for us livyers. This work brings together words from indigenous cultures and words spoken and recorded in English from the time of the European discovery of the New Founde Lande in 1497. The dominant European language became English, imported from the West Country of England and enriched by settlers from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and France. Because settlements were separated from the Mother Country and from each other, in its written and spoken forms the language became a time capsule of unique expressions drawn from everyday life.

The Moon King

When the magical Moon King tips over the night, it spills across the land and sea, and he seeks the help of animals big and small to collect the stars and return them to the sky. In this beautifully illustrated bedtime story, Cara Kansala weaves an enchanting fable destined to become a children's classic—the perfect way to welcome the night and celebrate the wonder of dreams.

The Truth About Facts

The Truth About Facts is a poetry collection that makes intimate the seeming noise of information and facts by using the tradition of the alphabet book to get back to basics: to make room for wonder, devotion, and a reinvigorated role for poetry in both quick and methodological thought. Vautour leads his readers on an info-drenched, abecedarian jaunt that is both tongue-in-cheek and unquestionably earnest. 

You Won't Always be This Sad

"You won't always be this sad," her mother, who also lost a son, reassures her, while a close friend encourages her to pick up the pen and write it all down. Capturing her own struggles as she emerges from shock in the wake of her son's unexpected death at age thirty-seven, author and storyteller Sheree Fitch writes lyrically and unabashedly, with deep sorrow, unexpected rage, and boundless love. She discovers that she "dwells in a thin place now," that she has crossed a threshold only to find herself in "the quicksand that is grief." The result is a memoir in verse of immense power and pain, a collection of moments, and a journey of resilience.

Fionn MacCool et le saumon de la sagesse   

A French-language edition of the tale of why the great Gaelic hero Fionn MacCool sucks his thumb, translated by Melany Close. The tale introduces children to Gaelic storytelling and oral tradition and is perfect for reading aloud in a classroom or group. In the introduction, actions or gestures are given that match with nine keywords in the story. Children can perform the matching action whenever they hear each keyword as the story is read aloud.

Not in Newfoundland? Your "locate me" button will show you the library system closest to you, or you can view our Find your Library page. We'll be highlighting other libraries in the region with #ReadAtlantic collections on the blog in the coming week. 

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