#ReadAtlantic NB Public Libraries / Bibliothèques publiques du N.-B. #LireAtlantique

#ReadAtlantic NB Public Libraries / Bibliothèques publiques du N.-B. #LireAtlantique

For each book on AtlanticBooks.ca, you'll see the options to sample, borrow, or buy. Today, we're highlighting the borrow option and the excellent offerings of local eBooks and audio books from New Brunswick Public Libraries.

When you use the "Locate Me" button on our site, you'll always see links to borrow from your nearest library's digital collection on our book pages. Click on the book covers below to borrow from NB Libraries, or you can browse their full #ReadAtlantic (here) and #LireAtlantique (here) collections. 


Listen together: These two children's books are available as audiobooks from NB libraries. An Old Man's Winter Night: Ghostly Tales is the newest collection of ghost stories by Tom Dawe, one of Newfoundland and Labrador's most distinguished writers, and Jack and Mary in the Land of Thieves is a funny and moving folk tale inspired by traditional and classic works. Click on the covers to borrow the audiobooks.


A Boy From Acadie   

Born on a farm in the village of Cormier Cove in New- Brunswick, the young Roméo LeBlanc did not expect that one day, thanks to his loving family and some unexpected help from his sisters, he would have the chance to go to high school and university, become a history teacher, and then a journalist, finally a politician, climbing up the ladder to the highest position! Nevertheless, Roméo LeBlanc stayed modest and kept his great sense of humour all his life.

Send More Tourists the Last Ones Were Delicious 

With birth, death, contemplation, and close calls, this short story collection explores how we respond to the weight of social expectations. From the hidden pressures of wall paint and tarot card predictions, to the burden of phone numbers and the dismembering of saints, Waddleton takes us on a surrealist road trip through the missteps of her vivid characters with honesty and compassion.

Doug Knockwood: Stories, Memories, Reflections

This book is an in-depth look at Doug Knockwood’s life that also casts a wide and critical glance at the forces that worked to undermine his existence and the indomitable spirit of a man who recovered from, yet still struggles to overcome, those forces.


From the delivery room to the classroom, a woman whose motherhood is questioned explains: her son doesn't have a father, but he's got two moms. She is the other mother. A (m)other, but there was only room for one on the birth certificate. A picture book for all ages, adapted from a 2018 CBC Poetry Prize shortlisted poem, this book tells, with tenderness and accuracy, the difficulties that homoparental families face in being accepted for who they are: loving families.

Et en français!

French eBooks for children are also available to be borrowed from New Brunswick Public Libraries' pretnumerique platform / Des livres numériques en français pour enfants peuvent également être empruntés à la plateforme prétnumerique des bibliothèques publiques du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Ah! pour Atlantique    

Everyone knows that the oceans are full of treasures and hidden dangers--with Sylvain Rivière we discover twenty-six of them. With the sail set to cruising, Ah! pour Atlantique explores the myths of Ulysses and Neptune, kayak and yacht voyages, the threat presently posed by green crabs and multiple other aspects of the marine trades. A wellspring of treasures and adventures firmly anchored in our Maritime vocabulary.

C'est bien connu, les océans recèlent des trésors et des dangers obscurs… Sylvain Rivière nous en fait découvrir vingt-six! Entre la menace actuelle du crabe vert et les différents aspects des métiers de la mer, entre les mythes d'Ulysse ou de Neptune et les excursions en kayak ou sur un yacht…  d'aventures et de richesses, qui s'amarrent depuis longtemps à notre vocabulaire!

Cours, Ben, Cours! 

This story starts when Ben and his father wake up with a jolt. In their city – the ugliest, darkest, dirtiest city you can imagine – a train has derailed. Everything's on fire! Quickly, Ben gets his father into his wagon and tries to get him out of harm's way. As he flees, he spots a white bird who seems to be sending him signals. Determined to do everything he can to survive, Ben chooses to trust the crow and follows him.

Ben se réveille en sursaut. Dans sa ville, la plus laide, la plus noire, la plus sale des villes, un train a déraillé. Tout brule! Vite, Ben installe son père dans sa poussette et tente de sortir du brasier. Dans sa fuite, il repère un oiseau blanc qui semble lui faire signe… Décidé à tenter le tout pour le tout, Ben choisit de faire confiance à la corneille, et lui emboîte le pas.

L'Acadie en Baratte        

Nico tours the Maritimes with his grandmother in her vintage Westphalia. With eagerness and imagination, Nico is ready for adventure and so is his "memere". Their camping trip, which takes them to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, becomes a whimsical discovery tour of contemporary Acadian communities and history.

Nico vient passer ses vacances en Acadie après une année scolaire un peu difficile. Sa "mémère" le cueille à l'aéroport, au volant d'une "baratte" - une fourgonnette qui a connu de meilleurs jours. Ensemble, ils entreprennent un grand circuit qui répondra à toutes les questions que l'on peut se poser quand on ne sait pas trop ce qu'est l'Acadie. 

Not in New Brunswick? Your "locate me" button will show you the library system closest to you, or you can view our Find your Library page. We'll be highlighting other libraries in the region with #ReadAtlantic collections on the blog in the coming week. 

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