Time to Learn Nova Scotia

Time to Learn Nova Scotia

Take this time to revisit some old hobbies or to discover new ones. This collection is perfect for learning and reimagining your favourite people, places, and things. Get ready to discover new interests and passions with this fun and creative set of books.

She Dreams of Sable Island

Written as a gentle, lyrical poem, She Dreams of Sable Island is a wonderful read-aloud for bedtime, and a fact-filled exploration for curious readers who dream of adventuring to one of Nova Scotia's most remarkable—and untouched—landscapes. Includes an illustrated map of Sable Island, descriptions of flora and fauna found on the island, a paper doll and accessories—even a Sable Island horse!

Sable Island—Imagine!

'Look over there,' Debbie says, after about thirty minutes of flying over the sea. 'That is Sable Island.' She points, but at first you can't see anything. Then you see it!" Sable Island is home to hundreds of wild horses, and thousands of seals and birds. Yet fewer than ten people live there. Because it is far from the mainland, people rarely have a chance even to visit this amazing Canadian island made of sand. Imagine you are one of those rare visitors!

100 Things You Don’t Know About Atlantic Canada

Did you know that you can walk on the ocean floor at the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick? Or that there was once a UFO sighting in PEI? Or that someone found a real Maud Lewis painting in a thrift shop? Journalist Sarah Sawler, author of the bestselling 100 Things You Don't Know About Nova Scotia, has collected the most interesting, surprising, and bizarre facts that you never knew about Atlantic Canada, just for kids.

50 Animals That Have Been to Space

This book tells the stories of 50 trips into space, with details about the animals and the scientists involved. The experiments, often designed by students, originate from many countries. The book offers an appealing introduction to the purposes of space exploration and the possibilities of safe space travel. It encourages young readers to engage in real science like the young people they will read about in this book.

Maud Lewis 1,2,3

Maud Lewis 1-2-3 is a wonderful first counting book and introduction to the joy-filled art of Nova Scotia's most famous folk painter, Maud Lewis. Even the youngest babies will be drawn to the bright colours and bold forms in Lewis's whimsical paintings. Babies and toddlers will have fun searching the vibrant images to count the kittens, oxen, birds, and flowers on each page.

Planting Our School Garden

Each set in the Little Porcupine Plus series is comprised of 4 titles (Levels A, B, C, D) on a single theme or topic. The themes and designs of this photographic nonfiction series stimulate curiosity, interest and a desire to read.

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