Time to... Indulge, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

Time to... Indulge, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

The Time to… Indulge collection’s books cover every province and every eater and drinker, from the heavily health conscious to the sweet-toothed savant. Every one of them will help you not only make delicious creations, but also learn more about the origins and development of our food and drink.

Flavours of New Brunswick is a window into the only bilingual province’s best food, with recipes from its epicurean leaders. If you love food, or if you love New Brunswick, partake in this celebration of the culinary scene in all its resplendent glory. The natural beauty and quality of life that draws people to New Brunswick is today attracting a new generation of chefs, bringing with them new flavours and experiences, and we are all the richer for it.

Some hail from places halfway around the world and bring with them the cooking traditions and sensibilities of their homelands. For those who grew up on the East Coast, they have not only kept the culinary traditions of their home province alive but have adapted them and given them new life. The result is a food scene that has never been more innovative or diverse.

Joan McElman’s Welcome to My Kitchen has been a top-viewed program on Eastlink for years. Its focus on simple, delicious and wholesome meals for families has resonated across generations. Now Maritime cooks can learn the same skills and recipes in McElman’s book.

McElman grew up on a farm, the youngest of ten children in a German-Russian household. By her teens, she was working in the logging camps of BC. Welcome to My Kitchen is grounded in her practical farm experience, but enriched by a lifetime spent cooking and studying food.

If you’re looking for just the right aperitif, bestselling author Stephen Beaumont and National Magazine Award-winning author Christine Sismondo showcase the best of our whiskies, gins, vodkas, rums and other assorted spirits in Canadian Spirits. They also trace this country’s fascinating distilling history.

Featuring over 75 colour photos, Canadian Spirits tells the vibrant stories of Canada's more than 160 diverse spirits producers, from the massive Hiram-Walker distillery in Windsor, Ontario, to the pioneering Glenora Inn & Distillery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver's tiny Odd Society Spirits. 

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