Time to... Indulge from Nova Scotia

Time to... Indulge from Nova Scotia

Our Time to... Indulge collection features four books that provide a comprehensive taste of Nova Scotia. Wherever you live, whatever the time of year, indulge in the contemporary and classic tastes of our little peninsula, wherever you live!

East Coast Favourite Fishcakes

Let’s start with a traditional East Coast favourite: the humble fishcake, which can feed the hungry masses or be elevated for the most starred restaurants. This book is your guide to a wide variety of fishcakes and their accoutrements: baked beans, pickles, salsas and salads. It’s not just cod you know; here you’ll find lobster, crab and shrimp cakes too. 


Chowder Trail Cookbook

Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee have adapted the best of recipes from restaurants, diners and food trucks across Nova Scotia. Every bowl tells its community’s story. Home cooks will learn how to best use fresh Atlantic seafood with other seasonal ingredients to produce tempting, tasty and healthy dishes. The collection of recipes offers home cooks many great ideas on how to use fresh seafood from the Atlantic coast combined with other seasonal ingredients to produce tempting, tasty and healthy dishes.


Out of New Nova Scotia Kitchens


Prominent restauranteur Craig Flinn is a champion of locally sourced foods, and this collection of tasty contemporary versions is a comprehensive guide to Maritime classics. Every Nova Scotian should have one in the kitchen.


Nova Scotia Cookery Then and Now

Food writer Valerie Mansour has procured a cross-section of recipes going back to one from The Halifax Gazette of 1765. Nova Scotia chefs then put a modern twist on the recipes, using local ingredients. Recipes include brown bread and baked beans, Irish potato pudding, rabbit stew with bannock, Gaelic fruitcake and rappie pie. It’s the consumption of our history.



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