Time to Discover Nova Scotia

Time to Discover Nova Scotia

These books inspired by Canada Day are put together as a collection for Nova Scotians to help understand ourselves better as a nation and region. As Canadians we take pride in our natural landscape and the history that comes with it. You may even discover a thing or two about these iconic Canadian events and your province.

Oak Island And Its Lost Treasure

Civil engineers Graham Harris and Les MacPhie spent over a decade investigating the enigma of Nova Scotia's Oak Island. In this book, they draw on the documentary record to present a compelling and historically accurate description of two centuries of treasure hunting on Oak Island.

The Mystery Ships of Nova Scotia in the First World War

In this brisk, readable and respectful history, John N. Grant tells the long-buried story of Canada's Mystery Fleet. He names men who tried to lure U-boats into range, and then sailed into anonymity—until now. Many historic photographs.

Shipwrecked North of 40

Share the thrill of finding precious gems and ornate china, or picking up a 'pine tree shilling' dated 1652, one of the first coins to be minted in the English Americas. Capt. MacKinnon expertly relates the history of many of the tragic maritime events that took place along our shores, then vividly relates his own personal story of finding these shipwrecks and their treasures.


On December 6, 1917, two tramp steamers, the Mont-Blanc and the Imo, collided in wartime Halifax Harbour, creating what became the largest man-made explosion of its time. More than 2,000 people died, 9,000 were injured, 6,000 people were left homeless and an additional 19,000 were left without adequate shelter. In a combination of words and images (many never seen before), John Boileau delivers a breathtaking account of the magnitude of this event.


A regional best seller from 2007-2009…  this edition is now offered in Canada and USA during the pandemic COVID-19 threat… and as complete as can be given a disease evolving as rapidly as it is reported, written and published. 

Turning Points

Paul Bennett tells the history of Nova Scotia through 15 key turning points. From Nova Scotia's problems with Confederation to wartime Halifax, the Springhill Mining Disaster, Viola Desmond and Ray Ivany's 'Now or Never' report, Bennett recounts these decisive moments that have shaped the province's destiny.

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