Time to Discover Newfoundland

Time to Discover Newfoundland

It's time Newfoundland! Get ready to discover, or re-discover your local history just in time for Canada Day. These books highlight some of the more inspiring moments of Atlantic history and will be sure to captivate you until the very last page.

Shaped by Silence

Shaped by Silence brings together the powerful stories of five women from Ireland, Canada, and Australia whose lives were shaped by forced confinement in Magdalene laundries and other institutions operated by the Roman Catholic Order of Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

We All Expected to Die

Using the recollections of survivors, diaries kept at the time, Hudson’s Bay Company journals, newspaper reports, and government documents, this powerful and uncompromising book tells the story of how the flu travelled to Labrador and wreaked havoc there.

Atlantic Canada’s Greatest Storms

Where there's a storm, there's a story, and over the centuries Atlantic Canada has experienced more than its fair share of weather-related disasters. Atlantic Canada's Greatest Storms chronicles many of the most dramatic and tragic storms that have struck the east coast, from 1745's Grand Armada Tragedy to 2017's Ice Storm.

The Imperilled Ocean

The Imperilled Ocean by Laura Trethewey is a deeply reported work of narrative journalism that follows people as they head out to sea. What they discover holds inspiring and dire implications for the life of the ocean — and for all of us back on land.


A regional best seller from 2007-2009…  this edition is now offered in Canada and USA during the pandemic COVID-19 threat… and as complete as can be given a disease evolving as rapidly as it is reported, written and published.

Listening for the Dead Bells

Mysterious lights, howling dogs, ringing sounds in the ear: these omens of death are part of a treasury of supernatural beliefs transmitted through centuries and across the Atlantic Ocean. Part memoir, part oral history—the author reflects on stories about bad fairies, witch control, ghosts, second sight, divination, healing incantations, attitudes toward death, and other links between Prince Edward Island and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

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