Time to be Inspired Newfoundland

Time to be Inspired Newfoundland

Newfoundland, this collection is meant to inspire you and your surroundings. These books provoke hope and love and are perfect for getting lost in.


A new collection by Newfoundland poet Agnes Walsh, her first since the release of Going Around With Bachelors (2007). Born and brought up in Placentia, Newfoundland, Walsh studied folklore in Georgia (USA), before returning home and taking to writing works founded in her love of her ancestral place. Oderin is an homage to Walsh's mother, who signed her letters, Love from your loving mother--Mother."

You Won’t Always Be This Sad

Divided into three parts, like the memorial labyrinth Fitch walks every day, You Won't Always Be This Sad offers words that will stir the heart, inviting readers on a raw and personal odyssey through excruciating loss, astonishing gratitude, and a return to a different world with new insights, rituals, faith, and hope. Readers, bearing witness to the immeasurable depths of a mother's love, will be forever changed.

The Truth About Facts

The Truth About Facts makes intimate the seeming noise of information and facts by using the tradition of the alphabet book to get back to basics: to make room for wonder, devotion, and a reinvigorated role for poetry in both quick and methodological thought. Vautour leads his readers on an info-drenched, abecedarian jaunt that is both tongue-in-cheek and unquestionably earnest. Ranging from topics as assorted as Brazil Nuts and Juggling to meditations on Rememoration and the Zodiac, The Truth About Facts moves between the surety of aphorism and the anxieties of critique.

An Extra Dash of Love

A celebration of Down syndrome from parents, grandparents, siblings, coaches, teachers, classmates and many more who feel so fortunate to have such beautiful people in their lives. The letters, poems and artwork came from New Brunswick, across Canada, the US and even Australia. With a forward by Natalie MacMaster, this book would make a special gift for new parents to let them know life will be amazing. It will be officially launched on World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st, 2020). Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Greater Moncton Down Syndrome Association.

Narrow Cradle

In Narrow Cradle, Wade Kearley explores the midlife encounter with mortality and the ways we strive to resist, deny, cheat, and even bargain with it. Grounded in both traditional and modern poetic forms, these poems find in the transience of life a new kind of freedom, a rebirth independent of personal circumstance. In crisp, direct, and vivid language—swerving between sonnet, villanelle, and sestina—Kearley offers a compelling collection by turns vicious, lost, ragged, and regal.

The Bygone Days

Reginald—better known as "Dutch"—Thompson is a multi-faceted storyteller with unforgettable voices—those of Roy from Murray Harbour North, Adelaide from Bunbury, Gus from Chepstow, and countless others—to tell the stories of the Bygone days in Prince Edward Island [sometimes NS, too]. Stories that, without Dutch's talent and care, might be remembered only by family and close friends or lost altogether.

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