Staff Picks: Talia Meade

Staff Picks: Talia Meade

The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association presents staff picks! This week we will be featuring a different staff pick each day. Here's what we're reading and our favourite books in the Time to #ReadAtlantic Collection.

Talia Meade is the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Associations Marketing Assistant for the summer. She is going into her fourth year as a Journalism major at the University of King's College. Needless to say, Talia prefers non-fiction books but decided to give a novel a try and we think she made the right choice!

Talia's Pick: The Woman in the Attic

"The Woman in the Attic by Emily Hepditch reads like a thriller movie - which are my favourite - so I was naturally drawn to the plot and characters. The twists in this book are what made me tear through the pages. I knew they were coming, but I never knew just how gravitating they would be - spoiler, there is a twist!

I have never been to Newfoundland before reading this book, I still haven't, but I can honestly say I feel like I may as well have been to the coast after reading through Hepditch's detailed descriptions. The narrative in this book make the story come alive and it's such a deep and exciting read. 

The journal entries written by the main characters mother were some of my favourite pieces to read through. They gave away so much insight on different characters and storylines. 

I think that this novel is worth picking up for anyone who likes suspense and quick read. It is perfect for an evening read out on the porch, although, fair warning you may be out there longer than intended."

On the coast of rural Newfoundland, Hannah Fitzgerald's mother has lived her life in near total isolation. When Hannah returns to the lonely saltbox house to prepare her mother for the transition into assisted living, her childhood home is anything but welcoming. Dilapidated from years of hoarding and neglect, the walls are crumbling, leaving Hannah’s wellness crumbling along with them.

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