Staff Picks: Mallory Burnside-Holmes Picks Langosh & Peppi

Staff Picks: Mallory Burnside-Holmes Picks Langosh & Peppi

First and foremost, Langosh & Peppi, a graphic novel authored and illustrated by Haligonian Veronica Post, is a story about what it means to belong.

As Langosh and his loyal dog traverse Europe with startlingly open eyes and hearts they explore forgotten tunnels under ancient cities, make home where they can find it and meet people full of stories along the way. The reader is brought into a world lush with questions, and, sometimes, answers. The wandering pair, who have left Canada to escape jailtime for petty crime, invite the reader to consider what it means to be home. To be a refugee? To be a tourist?

Mostly, it asks how does one (not so) simply can be wherever it is they are.

A rare beauty of a book, Posts’ story is a critical one at all times, but especially now. This is a book for people who feel alone, but suspect they do not need to be. It’s a book for those who are trying to escape their story and for those on a journey back home to themselves.

--Mallory Burnside-Holmes, Administrative Assistant

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