Staff Picks: Alex Liot Picks Saltwater Chronicles

Staff Picks: Alex Liot Picks Saltwater Chronicles

I first met Lesley Choyce twenty years ago, though it was more by reputation and proximity than anything. Lesley and I both like to ride the ocean swells of Nova Scotia’s eastern shore; he was a local legend, I was a respectful outsider.

Today, you might think that running a publishing company (Pottersfield Press) would be time consuming. Well, add to that a professor's role at Dalhousie University and it makes it almost unbelievable Saltwater Chronicles is the 100th book that Lesley has written!

Now as a respectful outsider in the book world, I feel Saltwater Chronicles is a must read. (Postscript: I recently learned that Lesley is also a master napper, another trait I hold in high regard!)

--Alex Liot, CMO

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