Staff Picks: Alex Liot

Staff Picks: Alex Liot

The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association presents staff picks! This week we will be featuring a different staff pick each day. Here's what we're reading and our favourite books in the Time to #ReadAtlantic Collection.

Getting us over the mid-week slump we have Alex Liot, the Atlantic Publisher's Marketing Association's Chief Marketing Officer recommending a great pick-me-up book. He joined the team in January 2019 and although, while Alex still claims he's not from the book world, he sure picked a great read!

Alex's Pick:

Louisburg or Bust

"Louisburg or Bust by RC Shaw was the first book I read after joining the [Atlantic Publisher's Marketing Association] and the first book for RC. He was up for the John Savage award but lost to Mark Critch, so a noble loss.

It’s about surfing, Nova Scotia, exploring nature, biking, being a goo father but having some time away… it spoke to me and I recommend it often."

With a Nova Scotia road map in one hand and a fat copy of Don Quixote in the other, Shaw hatches a plan. He builds The Rig, a Frankenstein-inspired bicycle-plus-trailer to haul his camping gear and surf stuff. Then he circles Louisbourg with a black Sharpie and vows to take the fortress back from its malevolent tourist occupiers. Finally, on a clear June morning, he kisses his family goodbye and creaks off down the road in search of adventure for adventure's sake. No cellphone, no safety net. Just the restless pulse of the Atlantic Ocean as it rips and tears at the coastline of the Eastern Shore.

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