Staff Picks: Addy Smith

Staff Picks: Addy Smith

The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association presents staff picks! This week we will be featuring a different staff pick each day. Here's what we're reading and our favourite books in the Time to #ReadAtlantic Collection.

Addy Smith is the Atlantic Publisher's Marketing Association's student Marketing and Business Assistant. She is going into her third year as a commerce student at Mount Allison University, but really, we think she should consider changing her major to the culinary arts after the delicious Game Day Chili she made!

Addy's Pick:

East Coast Keto

"I always love trying out new keto recipes and books so this cookbook was no exception. It didn’t disappoint! I tried out the Game Day Chili because I was looking for something that made a large amount. It was fantastic! I recommend cooking the bacon in a separate pan so that it gets crispy, plus if you don’t have a bigger pot it will cook faster separately. I would also drain some of the fat because it made it really salty.

All in the all the recipe took me an hour and a half to cook, but so worth it! Simmering the spices until they bloomed was a great touch. I love how this cookbook isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty in spices, it was so flavourful! Great keto recipe."

With over 120 amazing keto recipes, Bobbi Pike and her husband, Geoff, serve up the flavours and ingredients of the East Coast, with both original creations and traditional meals re-imagined as low-carb and ketogenic staples. Here you’ll find the Best Ever Breaded Chicken, Game Day Chili, Lasagna, Savoury Cheesy Biscuits, John Cabot Salmon, and Newfoundland Snowballs.

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