New Subscriber Bundle Alert!

New Subscriber Bundle Alert!

Have you seen our new special bundle available for Atlantic Books Today subscribers? We've got you set with a sweet deal! Check it out here.

Our special subscription offer includes: 
- 2-year mail subscription of Atlantic Books Today magazine (4 editions)
- Exclusive #ReadAtlantic tote bag
- Plus 1 bonus book chosen from the three options: Shipwrecked: North of FortyA Circle on the Surface, or The Woman in the Attic (please add a note to your order identifying which book you would like included in your bundle)

The choice is yours! You can check out the books we're featuring down below: 

Shipwrecked: North of Forty

Shipwrecked: North of Forty is a window into the fascinating undersea world of a career treasure hunter. Capt. Robert MacKinnon, professional diver and maritime salvor, takes you along with him into the waters off mainland Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and New England to the final resting place of hundreds of colonial era ships, some having wrecked on our shores as far back as the 1500s. You will experience with him the anticipation of finding treasure lost for hundreds of years and the excitement of finding a Spanish galleon that was never even recorded. Share the thrill of finding precious gems and ornate china, or picking up a 'pine tree shilling' dated 1652, one of the first coins to be minted in the English Americas. Capt. MacKinnon expertly relates the history of many of the tragic maritime events that took place along our shores, then vividly relates his own personal story of finding these shipwrecks and their treasures.

A Circle on the Surface

It's 1943. Enman and Una Greene are newly married. Each is haunted by their respective pasts, and each harbours secrets. They have hopes of a happy life together—though they have little idea how to create such a life.
Enman brings Una to his childhood home in rural Barrein, Nova Scotia, where he hopes they will stay. Una is restless and feeling increasingly trapped, and longs for the city life she once had. Una meets a mysterious man, and then a body washes up on a beach. There are rumours of German sailors roaming the dunes. When the Greenes receive the news they have been waiting for, and that Una is convinced will save her and her marriage, she begins to unravel in ways neither is prepared for.

The Woman in the Attic

On the coast of rural Newfoundland, Hannah Fitzgerald's mother has lived her life in near total isolation. When Hannah returns to the lonely saltbox house to prepare her mother for the transition into assisted living, her childhood home is anything but welcoming. Dilapidated from years of hoarding and neglect, the walls are crumbling, leaving Hannah’s wellness crumbling along with them.
While packing her mother's things, Hannah discovers a trap door to the house’s attic, the one she believed for most of her life had been permanently sealed shut. Blinded by curiosity, Hannah enters the attic and finds a mysterious bedroom riddled with dark secrets. Desperate to know more, Hannah begins to scramble for answers, combing the house for clues that may lead her to the truth.


So, which book will you pick?

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