Melanie Metivier Reviews Kate Inglis' A Great Big Night

Melanie Metivier Reviews Kate Inglis' A Great Big Night

A Great Big Night by Kate Inglis tells a story of three frogs who enter the Great Green Forest for a musical party. As they ride their bicycles past different animals, everyone is excited to join in the fun except for a grumpy grouse.

A storm soon approaches and the animals all scatter until it clears, when they hear the grouse crying as his home was destroyed. The animals begin to sing a song for help and all arrive to assist in rebuilding the home. Once the grouse sees all they have done, he is grateful and decides to join in on the musical train.

This story uses a lot of descriptive words, and the illustrations are beautiful and unique, all of which helps us envision the setting.

There is a great lesson here, which teaches readers to accept others and treat them with kindness. While the grouse was initially grumpy to the other animals, they did not let that stop them from helping someone in need. Their kindness brought gratefulness and cheer to the grouse, and resulted in a new friendship.

Children can learn from this story how to be caring and compassionate to anyone in need, regardless of their differences.

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