June 2020: Top 5 Local Sellers from Chapters-Coles-Indigo in each Atlantic Province

June 2020: Top 5 Local Sellers from Chapters-Coles-Indigo in each Atlantic Province

The top 5 Chapters-Coles-Indigo local bestsellers list for each Atlantic province is here! We are so excited to share that so many of the Time to #ReadAtlantic books made it on the top 5. To check out the full list, visit Atlantic Books Today.


Waterfalls Of Nova Scotia by Benoit Lalonde (Local Interest)  

Conveniently categorized by the government of Nova Scotia scenic route system, this rich compendium includes famous waterfalls such as Garden of Eden Fall, Wentworth Falls, Cuties Hollow, Annandale Falls and Butcher Hill Falls, as well as lesser-known but easy to locate gems. In addition to providing useful information on the height, type, and hiking distance of each waterfall, their degree of difficulty to reach is also assessed for the convenience of both novice and advanced hikers alike. 

Lexicon Volume 19 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest) 

Theresa Williams's lexicon puzzles have been hugely popular since they were first published by the Halifax Chronicle-Herald in 1988. Half-crossword, half-word search, the lexicon engages and entertains fans of all ages. Puzzle buffs will delight in this opportunity to try 52 all-new puzzles.  

Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 13 14 15 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest) 

Theresa Williams's lexicon puzzles have been hugely popular since they were first published in 1988. Half-crossword, half-word search, lexicon puzzles engage and entertain fans of all ages. This edition brings back volumes 13, 14, and 15, and presents them as one large book for hours of fun!  

Formac Field Guide to Nova Scotia Birds by Jeffrey C Domm  

Birdwatching is popular among residents and visitors in Nova Scotia, and the province is an internationally recognized destination for birding.This book offers detailed listings on 200 of the top species found all around the province, at the seashore, in the Cape Breton Highlands, in city parks and around the thousands of pristine lakes in the province. 


Hiking Trails of New Brunswick 4ED by Marianne Eiselt (Local Interest)  

New Brunswick offers a dizzying array of hiking challenges, spectacular views, and amazing wildlife. In this expanded and updated fourth edition of Hiking Trails of New Brunswick, veteran trail enthusiasts Marianne and H.A. Eiselt lead hikers from one end of the province to the other, along river valleys, through provincial and national parks, along the coasts, and up and down mountains.  

Flavours Of New Brunswick by Tom Mason (Local Interest)  

Canada's only bilingual province has long been a gathering place for people of differing cultures from around the world. The natural beauty and quality of life that draws people to New Brunswick is today attracting a new generation of chefs, bringing with them new flavours and experiences, and we are all the richer for it.  

Great Trees Of New Brunswick 2ed by David Palmer (Local Interest) 

New Brunswick is home to more than five billion trees, many native to the Acadian forest and some exotics introduced by settlers. For this new edition of The Great Trees of New Brunswick (the first edition was published in 1987), forester David Palmer and conservationist Tracy Glynn have prepared a book that doubles as an informative guide to the province's native and introduced species and a compendium of "champion" trees, drawn from nominations from all corners of the province.  


The Bygone Days by Reginald “Dutch” Thompson (Local Interest) 

From CBC Radio to the pages of this book, you'll hear Dutch's voice encouraging these informative, illuminating, poignant, and hilarious stories from the minds and hearts of Maritimers born between 1895 and 1925, almost as if they were all still here and telling them to you.


Woman In The Attic by Emily Hepditch (Local Interest) 

On the coast of rural Newfoundland, Hannah Fitzgerald's mother has lived her life in near total isolation. When Hannah returns to the lonely saltbox house to prepare her mother for the transition into assisted living, her childhood home is anything but welcoming. Dilapidated from years of hoarding and neglect, the walls are crumbling, leaving Hannah’s wellness crumbling along with them.

The Liars by Ida Linehan Young (Local Interest)

1895. Alice and John MacDonald, both running from pasts that were too traumatic to face, meet by chance and stay together in a fragile world that's rife with lies and secrets. The only thing they have in common is the love for a seven-year-old child, Beatrice, whom they have raised since she was a baby. 

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