Imaginez ça!

Imaginez ça!

We are bringing you some of our favourite French picture books! While these are just a few of our favourite picture books in le tempts de #LireAtlantique, they are made for everyone. Whether you're reading alone or with a friend, these books will put a smile on anyone's face. Make no mistake, picture books aren't just for children but they might take you back to your child-like ways (in a good way)!

Ma maman toute neuve

Watch a reading of Ma maman toute neuve.
My daddy and mommy have decided to make me and my half-brother and my half-sisters a little brother, and they didn’t even ask for our permission. 

Fionn MacCool et le saumon de la sagesse

A French-language edition of the tale of why the great Gaelic hero Fionn MacCool sucks his thumb, translated by Melany Close. The tale introduces children to Gaelic storytelling and oral tradition and is perfect for reading aloud in a classroom or group. In the introduction, actions or gestures are given that match with nine keywords in the story. Children can perform the matching action whenever they hear each keyword as the story is read aloud.

Mayann prend le train

Nine-year-old Mayann Francis and her family are travelling from their home in Cape Breton to New York City by train. When the Francis family arrives in big, bustling New York City, Mayann visits with relatives, goes to the zoo, and rides the subway. She even receives a beautiful black doll, something she has never seen before. But one subway ride, she loses her beautiful purse. At first she's heartbroken, but she just might learn a lesson that makes the whole trip worthwhile.

La cabane

Alphonse built a splendid fishing hut and now he's wait for a catch... But nothing's coming, except spring, and now his beautiful hut is floating away with him inside. Along the melting ice, the unlucky fisherman, who's got a big heart, will give away pieces of his hut, bits by bits, to those less fortunate than he. Alphonse will still come out of this a champion fisherman!

Ensemble "chiot" (4 titres)

Curriculum Plus Publishing presents the Little Porcupine Plus series. Each set in the Little Porcupine Plus series is comprised of 4 titles (Levels A, B, C, D) on a single theme or topic. The themes and designs of this photographic nonfiction series stimulate curiosity, interest and a desire to read.

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