Featured Book: Hikes of Newfoundland

Featured Book: Hikes of Newfoundland

As one of the English mop tops once crooned, it's been a long cold lonely winter. Emphasis on "lonely" this time around, or isolated anyway. But the bubbles are expanding just in time for summer. There may even be an Atlantic bubble soon. For now, Newfoundlanders still have their stunningly beautiful province to themselves.

Hikes of Newfoundland is a perfect tool to help you properly explore a landscape formed from millions of years of tectonic action, including the movement of ice sheets, continents colliding, volcanic activity, and the ever-present power of the ocean. It's quite a natural history, and the result is one of Canada's most stunning collections of vistas. 

From a former Viking settlement on the Northern Peninsula, to the award-winning paths that make up East Coast Trail on the Avalon Peninsula, Hikes of Newfoundland (part of our Time to... GET OUT! collection) is a must-have guide to the must-do walks and hikes for those who wish to explore this unique, historic island.

Suitable for hikers of all levels, this book offers an overview of more than 150 trails, with information on trail length, elevation, difficulty level of the hike, and tips on what to watch for along the way.

Maps and GPS references will get you to the trailhead; full-colour photographs will get you excited about the path ahead. 

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