Bound for Good Announces its Founding Partner, NSCC Foundation

Bound for Good Announces its Founding Partner, NSCC Foundation

The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA) is pleased to announce NSCC Foundation as the founding partner for the Bound for Good program. The partners in Bound for Good utilize books in pursuit of their business’ missions while generating a positive community impact in the process.

Partners select a curated list of Atlantic books that align with their values for their recipients, whether it be donors, employees, or other stakeholders.

Chris Benjamin, the managing editor of Atlantic Books Today speaks about NSCC Foundation’s #ReadAtlantic collection as part of their Bound for Good program and how it aligns with our own “Time to #ReadAtlantic” campaign:

[Time to Read Atlantic and Bound for Good] are new and have been a learning process for us, yet we’ve been proud to put them together quickly, and are beginning to find ways to streamline the process. 

[NSCC Foundation] loved it if we could find books about or by [NSCC] alumni or community partners. We were able to do all of that and come up with a collection of books written and published right here in Atlantic Canada, on a broad range of topics. 

This project has given us the opportunity to put our money where our mouths have long been: touting the now-proven fact that Atlantic Canada produces library loads of great books, plenty to keep our hearts and minds engaged and informed. 

Michelle Bussey, the Executive Director at NSCC Foundation says, “Everyone at the NSCC Foundation is thrilled to be a part of such a unique and community focused campaign. Atlantic Canada is full of talented authors and publishers, which we are incredibly proud to support. We are excited to see what the future holds for this partnership, which I believe will open the door to new possibilities. It's an amazing thing to promote local history, stories and authors.”

"Working with NSCC, a large and diverse educational institution, was not so different from marketing books to a general population because they have so many interesting students and faculty eager for the same things, we all are. They did introduce some fun elements, like the need to connect with specific communities around their campuses. They also made sure we included lots of perspectives that are often underrepresented, such as Indigenous and Black Nova Scotian voices," says Benjamin.

Not only does Bound for Good have a positive social and local economic impact, it also allows a business to simultaneously achieve their donor objectives. It strengthens relationships, gives a social purpose, and creates a memorable experience for stakeholders.

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