Books for Dad

Books for Dad

Here are five books I recommend for Father's Day, mostly because dads or father figures play key roles in each. There's also a golf book, because a lot of dads do enjoy golf.

An Extra Dash of Love

A celebration of Down syndrome from parents, grandparents, siblings, coaches, teachers, classmates and many more who feel so fortunate to have such beautiful people in their lives. The letters, poems and artwork came from New Brunswick, across Canada, the US and even Australia. With a forward by Natalie MacMaster, this book would make a special gift for new parents to let them know life will be amazing. It will be officially launched on World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st, 2020). Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Greater Moncton Down Syndrome Association.

The Smeltdog Man

The Smeltdog Man is the story of how a Cape Bretoner marshalled his accidental invention, a marijuana-induced, munchie-inspired Smeltdog, into the most successful fast food franchise in Canada. As president of his newly formed Good Karma Corporation, he tells the tale of how his business empire grows beyond his control, turning him into a billionaire.

While the business booms and the narrator's wisdom is being constantly tapped for new ideas and strategies, he consults his Granddaddy Blue, whose pragmatic mixture of horse-trader economics and 1960s hippie ideals provide his grandson with the guiding principles and necessary scams he needs to survive in the corporate world.

From the simplicity of its origins to the ecological disaster of its success, The Smeltdog Man details the influences of country music on our narrator's understanding of himself, the longing of unrequited love and the accumulation of wealth possessing more zeros than our hero can count.

No Girls Allowed

It's 1977, and 10-year-old Tina couldn't be happier about her life. Not because she just moved to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, but because she's finally old enough to make her dream come true: she can play on a real hockey team. But when she tries to join the league, she learns that girls aren't allowed to play on the boys' team—and there's no team for girls.

Despite jeers from classmates and cruelty from some of the town's adults, Tina is determined to play. She wants it more than anything. With the help of her family, Tina takes her fight to the Human Rights Commission. She's allowed to play on a team while her case goes through court, but though she's the best skater on the ice, even some of her teammates think she shouldn't be there. From facing down angry coaches to testifying on the stand, Tina does everything for one big goal: to play real hockey.

Based on an inspiring true story, No Girls Allowed is a journey of passion, determination, and sheer love of the game.

The Mystery of the Portuguese Waltzes

Tamara is struggling to find the confidence to play her accordion in front of an audience. She learns the tunes well enough, and can play them when she's alone, but as soon as she tries to perform for others everything falls apart. One day her father encourages her to try playing for an elderly man in the seniors? home where her grandmother lives. This man, Art Stoyles, is a legendary accordion player in her hometown of St. John's, and is best known for a beautiful set of tunes called "The Portuguese Waltzes." Inspired by Stoyles, and by the story of his musical friendship with a Portuguese sea captain, Tamara gains the confidence she needs to perform.

Guru in Your Golf Swing

PGA pro Hanczaryk's high-flying, cross-cultural adventure is about teaching golf in a very remote place; but it is really about self-discovery, rooted in an ancient meditation practice.PGA pro Hanczaryk's high-flying, cross-cultural adventure is about teaching golf in a very remote place; but it is really about self-discovery, rooted in an ancient meditation practice.

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