Time to Amplify Black Atlantic Canadian Authors and Stories

Time to Amplify Black Atlantic Canadian Authors and Stories

There is no better time than right now to educate yourself. With this mini-collection written by and about Black Atlantic Canadians and their stories, immerse yourself in the bravery and challenges faced by some of our greatest influential leaders.

Viola Desmond

Many Canadians know that Viola Desmond is the first Black, non-royal woman to be featured on Canadian currency. But fewer know the details of Viola Desmond’s life and legacy. In 1946, Desmond was arrested for refusing to give up her seat in a whites-only section of a movie theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Her singular act of courage was a catalyst in the struggle for racial equality that eventually ended segregation in Nova Scotia.

Worthy of Love

Adrian Carter is a young mixed-race teen struggling with poor self-image, but he's through with being bullied for his weight. Adrian decides to shed the pounds, no matter what it takes. When he meets and falls for Mel Woods, a confident and sensible girl with a passion for fitness, his motivation to change leads him to take dangerous measures. When Mel confronts Adrian about his methods of weight loss he is left trying to find a balance between the number on the scale and wondering if he'll ever be worthy of love.

Sister to Courage

In Sister to Courage, Wanda takes us inside the world she shared with Viola and ten other brothers and sisters. Through touching and often hilarious stories, she traces the roots of courage and ambition, god fun and dignity, of the household that produced Viola Desmond.

Abraham Bevereley Walker: Lawyer, Lecturer, Activist

Experience the life and times of Canada’s FIRST black attorney and magazine editor and pre-eminent advocate for civil rights, campaigning tirelessly for fair play/justice for his people and battling 19th Century systemic racism. A true warrior! His family were Black loyalists who had supported the British, so were granted land in the KARS peninsula along the St John River.

Against the Grain

John Savage orchestrated the building of ball fields and medical clinics and pushed for sex education in the schools. Locally, he worked with addicts and alcoholics, but he also brought medical supplies and assistance to countries lacking basic necessities. He was never interested in doing what was popular. From tackling the health and education systems to making turn-the-province-on-its head decisions while premier, John was determined to change the way things were done. Against the Grain chronicles how he fought the status quo with unwavering conviction to leave a lasting legacy that would change the province of Nova Scotia forever.

The ABC’s of Viola Desmond

The ABC’s of Viola Desmond was written by children for children and relates the history of a Canadian icon and courageous civil rights advocate, Viola Desmond. The ABC’s of Viola Desmond was crafted specifically to meet the needs of elementary-level readers and this important resource is now used by all Grade 3 classes in Nova Scotia. As well, this will be a wonderful book to have in homes throughout Nova Scotia and beyond. 

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